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The Shire

This is the place where you can see my town of TheShire. Founded on April 8th 2003, TheShire has been an ever popular place for the villagers that dwell there. You will find a list of all the past and present villagers that have ever dwelt in TheShire. TheShire is in it's second year, fast approaching it's 2 year anniversary, and everything is still as great as the day it was founded. A new person has moved in, Melanie, and is enjoying life in TheShire. Melanie has since moved out and settled down in Olsen under the name of Ashliegh.
Many new animals have come and gone, yet Bob and Piper have remained in TheShire for the whole time. I wonder what the future has in store for the residents of TheShire.


Map of TheShire

Town Founded: April 8th, 2003
Human Characters: Simon
Number of Ponds: 5
Number of Layers: 2
Number of Bridges: 3
Number of Ramps: 2
Nook's Store: Nookington's
Native Fruit: Apples
Fruits: Apples, Cherries, Coconuts, Oranges, Peaches, Pears
Island Name: IslaSUN (I mucked it up, I now call it Lorién)
Islander: Pigleg
Museum: Fish: 40/40 | Insects: 40/40 | Fossils: 25/25 | Paintings: 15/15

Current Number of Villagers: 15/15

Here is a list of the current villagers of TheShire:
Bob**(D-2), Piper**(C-3), Olive(E-2), Kiki(C-4), Velma(D-1), Rizzo(D-5), Tybalt(B-5), Chief(D-5), Tangy(B-2), Stu(C-5), Alfonso(C-3), Filbert(E-5), Kody(F-2), Tom(B-1), and Mitzi(C-5)*.

And here is a list of all the animals that have, at one time, lived in TheShire:
Maddie, Candi, Pinky, Twirp, Huggy, Rocco**, Hazel**, Wolfgang, Pompom, Roald, Olivia, Anicotti, Mitzi, Emerald, Dora, Goldie, Samson**, Ellie, Gaston, Jambette, Leopold, Scoot, Nosegay, Axel, Rio, Bitty, Cyrano, Freckles, Lulu, Boris, Buck, Pippy, Patty, Nibbles, Pango, Emerald, Belle, Hambo, Cheri, Marcy, Twiggy, Dotty, Tutu, Pate, Bunnie, Cookie, Bluebear, Peewee, Tabby, Winney, Truffles, Rosie, Ricky, Stinky, Hopper, Murphy, Peewee, Bill, Static, Admiral, Filbert, Vesta, Lucy, Jay, Iggy, Genji, Hector, Lily, Bubbles, Axel, Friga, Gwen, Monique, Rhoda, Carmen*.

*=Last villager to move in/out.
**=Original villager.

Character info


Gender: Male
House Position: Top Left
House Size: Large Two Level With Basement
Bells: 17,500,000
Debt to Tom Nook: 0 bells
Statue Colour: Gold
HRA Score: 73,163
Items in Catalog: items
Museum Items: Fish: 40/40 | Insects: 40/40 | Fossils: 25/25 | Paintings: 15/15