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This is the main page of


About BowserBasher
A page of info about me, the creator of

This is a place for me to ramble on about anything that I want to.

Sign My Guestbook
A place for people to leave a message about if they like.

Contact Info
The page to go if you want to contact me.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Info
A little story introducing Animal Crossing.

About Animal Crossing
If you don't know what Animal Crossing is, you can find out about it here.

e-card Thanks
A page dedicated to all those that helped me complete my Animal Crossing e-card collection.

K.K. Slider
The place to get information on K.K. Slider, tune titles and more.

Here you can see information about my Animal Crossing GameCube town, TheShire.

TheShire Photo Gallery
A photo gallery from TheShire. A couple of hundred photos included.

Full Photo of TheShire
This is one of my greatest works on For the first time ever, a full picture of an Animal Crossing town. A must see for all Animal Crossing fans.

Narnian Rules.
A small page with rules for visiting Narnia, my Animal Crossing Wild World town.

Oz Photo Gallery
A photo gallery of my town from the Nintendo Wii Animal Crossing game.

AC Comics

The Adventures of Three
The first of many Animal Crossing Comics. The Adventures of Three tells the story of three friends in OZ one evening.

The Case of the Missing Carpet
The Story of two friends on their search for a missing carpet.

The Day of the Thunderstorm
The unfortunate story of a boy and a mighty thunderstorm in Oz.

The Fireworks Show
The Story of four friends and the Fireworks Show they all went to.

The Fishing Tournament
The fishing Tournament is underway, see how it turns out.

The Forged Painting
The sad tale of a boy and the painting that was not what he thought it was.

Frosty the Snowman
The tale of Frosty the Snowman

The Ghostly Encounter
The scary tale of a boys encounter with a ghost. Don't read this one late at night.

Gracie and the Days of Old
The story of Gracie and her memories of days gone by.

Halloween Hijinks
The story of fun and games at Halloween.

Jurassic Crossing
Jurassic Crossing, some things should be left alone.

The Perfect Day
The lovely story of a young boys single day in Oz.

Power Zap Rangers
Follow the story of three super heroes as they battle evil in Oz.

Surprise in the City
What lurks in the City for this young lad, find out here.

Trip to the City
A young boy takes a trip into the City.

The Wandering Walrus
The tale of a wandering walrus.

Photoshop Tutorials

Basic Planet
A Photoshop tutorial to make a basic Planet.

Black and White Border
A Photoshop tutorial to make a nice bland and white border to frame a photo.

Blurred Border
A Photoshop tutorial to make a nice blurred border for your photos.

Exploding Planet
A Photoshop tutorial to make a cool looking exploding planet.

Flames Effect
A Photoshop tutorial to make some cool looking flame effects.

Lava Planet
A Photoshop tutorial to make a Lava or flame like planet.

Lightning Effect
A Photoshop tutorial to make very effective lightning effect.

Planet Rings
A Photoshop tutorial to make Rings for you planets.

Space Nebula
A Photoshop tutorial to make a space nebula, cool for backgrounds.

Striped Wallpaper
A Photoshop tutorial to make a nice striped wallpaper.

Swirls Wallpaper
A Photoshop tutorial to make a nice swirly wallpaper.


3DS General Gallery
A general gallery of photos taken with the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendogs + Cats Gallery
A gallery dedicated to Nintendogs + Cats for the Nintendo 3DS.

Pilotwings Gallery
A gallery dedicated to Pilotwings Resort for the Nintendo 3DS.

Endless Ocean Gallery
A Gallery of images from Endless Ocean for the Nintendo Wii.

Wii Videos
Video gallery hosting videos recorded whilst playing Wii software.

ExciteTruck Videos
Video gallery of ExciteTruck for the Nintendo Wii.

Mario Strikers Videos
Video gallery of Mario Strikers for the Nintendo Wii.

Super Monkey Ball Videos
Video gallery of Super Monkey Ball for the Nintendo Wii.

Smash Bros Brawl Gallery
A gallery of photos taken from Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Nintendo Wii

Super Mario 64 DS Review
Review of Super Mario 64 DS for the Nintendo DS.

Wario Ware : Touched
Review of Wario Ware : Touched for the Nintendo DS.

Review of Pac-Pix for the Nintendo DS.

Review of Tetris for the Nintendo DS.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Visit BowserLand
Use this to visit BowserLand, courtesy of MyMiniCity

Improve BowserLand Industry
Use this to improve the Industry in BowserLand.

Improve BowserLand Transport
Use this to improve the transport in BowserLand

Improve BowserLand Security
Use this to improve security in BowserLand.

A page featuring links to other sites, or just random funny things.

Lord of the Rings Signing
A page recollecting the time I met three stars from The Lord of the Rings films.

Orlando Holiday 2004
In September 2004, I went to Orlando Florida for a 17 day holiday. You can read all about it in this section of

Planet Gallery
A gallery showing the many Planet images I have made in Photoshop.

Previous Updates
Here you will find a complete list of updates.

RollerCoaster Photos
A page of all my On-ride Roller Coaster photos.

Signature Gallery
A page displaying the many signature images that I have made.

Site Map
Where you are right now, a map of the site in links. I suggest not clicking as you'll end up in an infinite loop that you may never escape, either that or the whole universe will implode on itself.

Thank You Page
A page thanking all the people who have helped me over the years, either with the site or other areas.

Theme Parks
A list of Theme Parks that I have visited, and the roller coasters that I have ridden while there.

Terms of Service
A very important page. Please read to know what you are allowed to do or not do whilst on

Wrestling Photos
A page of photos from the few WWE wrestling events that I have attended.