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Welcome to the Oz gallery. This is where you will find all the photos of Oz, and it's residents. Many goings on, photos of visitors to Oz having a fun time, and much, much more. Click any photo for a larger view.
All pictures are taken via the ingame camera, saved to SD card, and copied to my Mac, no editing required. I have only resized them to fit BowserBasher's Lair.

Another K.K. Slider gig

It's Zach

Don't do it!

Two new dinosaurs

The Ryanlukiebowsersaur

Don't encourage him!

Oh No, Help me!

Some friends you are

Goldfish, Yum

She's right there!

Joan the Turnip lady

My final house

Oz Villager : Kiki

I caught a Centipede

The Velociraptor is complete

Fun with watering cans

It's about to hatch!

Blanca in Oz

More K.K. Slider

Sitting at home with friends

K.K. Gig for two

More K.K. Viewing

The Roost

Katie wants her mummy


I caught a Stringfish

In The Roost with Kapp'n

Chatting to Kapp'n

I'm completely debt free

Even more K.K. Slider

Look, a Centepede

Tortimer opens the fountain

Serena and the fountain

It's K.K. Slider...again

I got the Golden shovel

Oz Villager : Bill

Dressup time in Oz

A letter from Nintendo

A letter from Olimar

Enjoying a K.K. Slider show

Pirate coffee

Bill's a little confused

It's a Shooting Star!

I want to go home, YARRGHHH

New costume time

Oz Guard: Copper

I can get it higher than you

Valentines special

A new Windmill in Oz

The fossils are complete

Standing by the Windmill

Three friends enjoy a show

Looking ou tto sea

Posing for a photo

Net fight at the bus stop

Fun with shovels

Just having fun

More K.K. Slider gigs

After the K.K. Slider show

Fried Ice Cream, YUM!

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