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Welcome to the Oz gallery. This is where you will find all the photos of Oz, and it's residents. Many goings on, photos of visitors to Oz having a fun time, and much, much more. Click any photo for a larger view.
All pictures are taken via the ingame camera, saved to SD card, and copied to my Mac, no editing required. I have only resized them to fit BowserBasher's Lair.

It's Carnivale time!

Pave at the Carnivale

Moose at the Carnivale

A game of Football at the Carnivale

Bill at the Carnivale

ACK! Ants on my Candy

Spring is here!

Playing with Moose

Do you see it too?

Taking a delivery for Wolfgang

A Yellow butterfly

A honey Bee, Sweet!

I caught a Barred Knifejaw

Looking out to sea

Party at the bus stop

Another one joins the party

Girl's day in another town

ACK! Resetti

Loving the wildlife

Oz villager: Wolfgang

Friends in Oz

No wonder my tongue burns

I got a bubble wand

Staring at the sky

Power Zap Rangers in Oz

Power Zap Rangers enjoy K.K.

Dude, Fleas, come on!

Free Hat from Nintendo

Waiting for the bus

Green is the colour

Walking down the yellow brick road

K.K. Slider plays again

In my house

Hugs from friends

Net fights rule!

A beautiful evening in Oz

Yes, I go see him a lot

No need to caption this

Mii Mask wearing friends

Good vs Evil

Time for a cuppa

Three friends say goodnight

April Fools Day

Oz villager: Tabby

An evening at the Beach

Enjoying Oz Scenery

I found an egg

Oz visitor: Zipper

Follow the bunny

Phyllis in the Roost

~~Oz~~ Fishing tournament winner

Oz villager: Gigi

Walking in Oz with Kiki

Wise words from Pascal

Oz Villager: Deena

Moving into New Oz

Yay! No more work for me.

A visit from Resetti

A new gift from Nintendo

Look at all the butterflues!

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