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Welcome to the Oz gallery. This is where you will find all the photos of Oz, and it's residents. Many goings on, photos of visitors to Oz having a fun time, and much, much more. Click any photo for a larger view.
All pictures are taken via the ingame camera, saved to SD card, and copied to my Mac, no editing required. I have only resized them to fit BowserBasher's Lair.

The Lollipop Guild at the Party

Everyone got trapped

Abusing the host

Build a Town Hall

Build a Tree

Letting off Roman Candles

Letting off Party Poppers

August Firewoks Party 2009

The Lollipop Guild says...

We are the Lollipop Guild

Tag partner watches

Tag Me B!

The trusty Steel Chair

Who will get up first?

"Where are the wrestlers?"

Ding Ding Ding!


The winners..The Lollipop Guild

Shocking male exposure

Move along! Nothing to see here

Always visiting friends

WOW! The Baneded Dragonfly

I caught a Napoleonfish

I caught an Ocean Sunfish

Please don't bit me!

WooHoo, Look at the size of that!

I know what's for dinner tonight

I wonder if he is related to Jaws

My lovely Flower Garden

Oz Villager: Filbert

Gossip from Robin

Will I catch it?

Dinner for two

One more time with KK Slider

Oz Villager: Mallary

I caught a Guppy

Arriving in the City

A light shines

A Secret Lair

Matching outfits at the Bus stop

Autumn Moon in Oz

Tortimer at Autumn Moon

HELP! Drowning!

Standing at the bus stop

Still waiting at the bus stop

I caught a Sea Horse

What a lovely house

Sitting and resting in comfort


Rainy day at the Bus Stop

I see KK Slider again

Oz Villager: Bob

It's JACK!

Villager trapped at Halloween

All dressed up for Halloween

Trick or Treating

Jack Goes poof!

More trapped villagers

Bud, Trick or treating

It's Jack again!

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