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3DS General Image Gallery

Welcome to the 3DS General Image Gallery. With the release of the Nintendo 3DS comes the ability to take images whilst playing easily. This gallery will be used for MiiPics, StarPics and AR Game pics. As of now they will all be in this gallery, though this may change later. Click on any of the images for a larger view

My First Mii Image

Dancing with a friend


Playing on my DS

Laying on my Wii


Riding a Dinosaur

Formation Skydiving

They are all so small

Mii fight

The 3DS is gone

The Great Sweet Robbery

All Hail DinoGod!

He's so cute

Everyone Jump!


Sitting in my chair

Laying on my bed

Look, But don't touch

ACC Staff

Skydiving circle


Sitting in the garden

I'm a GIANT!

Mario and Kirby

Watch out Mario!


A Ball?

Bad Kirby

Handstands are fun

Catching a Dragon

It's a Lakitu!

There's a Dragon on my seat

I got the world in my hand

Image Count: 34