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Narnian Visitor Rules

The town of Narnia is a prosperous and friendly village. To ensure that you stay is fun and memorable, the townsfolk have met and discussed on a set of rules that should be upheld. All rules have been voted on, and a majority ruling on each had to be made for the rule to come into effect. Please follow and respect the Laws of Narnia.

Updated 15/04/2006

For your copy of the Narnian rules, please send 100 bells to Simon in Narnia. Please include 7,500,000 bells for postage and packing!


Under NO circumstances are you allowed to steal any flowers grown in Narnia. Never run when around flowers, and be extra careful when around houses. If you are caught stealing any hybrid flowers, you will be asked to return all flowers, and will lose the privilege of visiting Narnia again. If you do not return the flowers, or attemp to leave, I will disconnect before you get the chance to leave. Clover Patches are considered a part of this rule. NO pulling up clover patches.

Respect others' in Narnia

If there are other people in Narnia at the same time you are, please respect them. Do not harass them for items, trades, if they do not wish to join in.

Digging things up

You are allowed to dig things up that you may come across whilst in Narnia. Any fossils that you dig up you can keep, along with items. If, however, you dig up any Gyroids, you are to report to the host, and place it back in the ground.


Language in Narnia is generally limited to NO SWEARING. However, depending on the people visiting at the time, this is subject to how everyone feels on the subject. In general, DO NOT swear in Narnia.
No foul language is to be posted on the message board, and you are not to send letters to Narnian villagers with foul language in them. There are NO exceptions.
If I find anyone posting foul language on the meassage board or in letters, they may loose the privilage of visiting Narnia.

Items left on the ground

Any item that you find on the floor outside the main house are there for cataloguing, or purchasing. If you wish to just catalogue, pick the item up, and drop it back down. If you wish to purchase, please contact the host. Under NO circumstances are you allowed to steal any of these items. If you find any items any where else, let the host know. Something may be arranged.

Nooks and Able Sisters

Any visitor can go into either Nookingtons or the Able Sisters, and purchase anything that thay wish. The only thing you must not do without permission is alter the patterns in the Able Sisters shop. If you would like to put one of yours on display, you must first get permission from the Host.

The Host

The host has the right to send everyone home without prior notice. The host also has the right to terminate the connection if anything underhanded is happening. The host is generally a nice person. If you get on well with him, he will get on well with you.

Apart from these rules, almost anything else is allowed in Narnia. If someone starts hitting you with a net, don't moan to me, I will most probably join in. I hope you enjoy your time in Narnia.

All rules are subject to alterations at any given time by the host. Additional rules can also be implemented at any time by the host.