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I would like to thank the following people for thier help, be it either on previous versions of my site or the current version:

For the AC grass background, AC style font, the Animal Crossing signs and the biggest thanks for going through my entire site, checking and making my code worthy, when I first started setting up BowserBasher's Lair. (Version 2)
Thank you so much.

Hoggle and Jader
For creating Animal Crossing Community, and making it the place that it is.
Also thanks to Hoggle for the ACC logo, and letting me use it on this site.

Members of staff at ACC
Thanks to all the staff at ACC for making me feel a part of the team, special thanks to AngelKisses, the first person that I became buddies with on the site.

AC Music contributors
I would like to thank the following people, who have all donated AC music to my site.
Boo Mansion
Pieter J
li syaoran5 AKA irregular_hunter_zero

Manish Thaker
No reason really. Ok, great friend through uni. (still is now)

Family and friends
It's a given isn't it.

For making Animal Crossing, without them most of my site would be dull. And I would not have found the great members of ACC

For her generous help with my full AC village photo.

For his grateful help checking my Orlando holiday pages for any errors.

For his advice on a few areas of the new design (Version 2), and a few of the banners/buttons.

For help in a few areas of coding on my site. (current version)
Along with this, I would like to thank the many members of ACC's staff and SIC that have helped give feedback on my sites design, including the current design.

Helping get the menu to fit the whole width of the site properly. (current version)

Titandwedebil, StewieTunny and gggtownresident of ACC
I would like to thank these three members for the last minute feedback on the new design. Thank you gggtownresident for spooting all the typos and dead links.