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Lord of the Rings Signing Session.

With Sala Baker, Jed Brophy and Lawrence Makoar.

On Saturday, 8th May 2004, I had the pleasure of meeting three stars from the Lord of the Rings

Here in Northampton, at a local Picture Gallery Store. I had the pleasure of meeting Sala Baker, Jed Brophy, and Lawrence Makoar from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It wasn't an extremely busy event, so I had time to meet all three and get autographs and photos taken.

Lawrence Makoar played Lurtz in The Fellowship of the Ring, and The Witchking in The Return of the King. He was the first that I got to meet. Lawrence is a very friendly guy, big, but friendly. He greeted me with a hardy "Hello", asked how I was, very friendly. Many probably know this, but it took him 9 hours to get all the make-up put on for his role as Lurtz. He mention that he much preferred the time it took to get into The Witchking, only a couple of hours. I picked up a print of The Witchking, which he signed, personalized too. It read :

To Simon
Best wishes
L Makoar

Next I went over to meet Sala Baker.
Sala played Sauron in The Fellowship of the Ring, and Man Flesh Uruk in The Two Towers. Although friendly, Sala was probably the less talkative of the three. I picked out a Sauron print, which he signed. No personalized one though. He did however, shake hands afterwards.

On the same table was Jed Brophy, Jed was one of the Nazgul in The Fellowship of the Ring, and Sharku and Snaga in The Two Towers.
Jed was talkative too, He said "Hi" and asked which of the three films I liked best. My response was "It has to be the Return of the King". Which he agreed with. As I was picking up a Nazgul print, he asked if knew that Viggo Mortensens son was in The Two Towers, well I think that everyone who has watched the Extended Editions on DVD with commentary, will know that Henry Mortensen (Viggos' son) played the reluctant Rohan child warrior. The reason he mentioned this was that Henry had told him that he wanted to come on the next signing session. Jed signed the print, personalized to read:

To Simon
Jed Brophy

At this time I took a break to wonder round town for a while. I wanted pictures but it seemed a little busy to get them to do it then. I thought that if I waited till nearer then end it would be better.
I came back a little later and asked if it was OK to get some photos taken with them. They were fine with it. So first I got one taken with Lawrence Makoar, great photo, that guy is huge. After the photo, he did shake hands.

Me and Lawrence Makoar

I then got one taken with both Sala and Jed.

Me, Sala Baker and Jed Brophy

Jed is on the left, and Sala is the big guy on the right.