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This is a very basic, but important document, which should cover me if anything arises. Please read this page, if you do not understand anything here, please ask someone to explain it to you so that you are not infringing on any laws. is entirely privately owned. It is in no way controlled, endorsed or sanctioned by any other individual, group or organization outside of

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All material on is © Copyright 2004-2024 unless otherwise stated in this document, or any other part of All the material has been designed for use on exclusively, if you have seen it elsewhere, it is most probably being used without my consent. I rarely allow others to use material from, but if I do the copyright is not void.

By viewing this copyrighted material, you agree to the following:

  1. That you will not steal or use any images or videos elsewhere without direct permission from the creator.
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  3. You will not take credit or imply that you had/have anything to do with the creation of material on Those that have helped are mentioned on the Thanks page.
  4. You may view my source code to see how this site works, but you must not use chunks of code for your own site.
  5. You may download images for your viewing pleasure, but you agree not to claim them as your own or repost them on any other web site without permission from the owner.

The following is a list of individual statements for various sections of Please read before downloading anything.

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Privacy Policy does not collect any personal information without your knowledge. The only information collected is in my guest book, and all entries are voluntary.

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This site contains links to sites and pages outside of is not endorsing or recommending these site, apart from any affiliates. and these site trade banners and links to encourage more site traffic. Visiting these sites, you agree to their terms and rules which may differ from those on


All comments made within are those of the owner. My opinions may differ from yours but I am entitled to them. Please do not complain to me if you don't like them.


This is a living document, and as such may change at any time. Use of after any changes made constitutes an agreement to the new Terms of Service. It is your responsibility to keep track of any changes made to this document.
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