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BowserBasher's page of links

On this page you will find a list of sites that I find either amusing, visit often, or are just plain stupid. I check the sites often, to see if they are still active, but occasionally a page will go down and I will miss it. If you see any broken links here, please report them to me.

ACC link

Animal Crossing Community is the friendliest Animal Crossing site on the web. A place for people to come together and trade, chat, take part in contests, design patterns and town tunes with fellow ACer's. All the members of staff are extremely friendly, (I should know, I am one of them) as well as the rest of the members. Come along and join the community.

Your one-stop site on the web for all game and console

Console Database is your one-stop site on the web for all game and console info!

NarniaWeb: Your Source for Narnia Movie News

NarniaWeb Your Source for Narnia Movie News

Let The Hobbit Happen

Let the Hobbit Happen. This now takes you to, quite possibly the best source on the internet for all things The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

$0 Web Hosting is hosted by

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The following is a list of funny, time consuming, or just plain stupid pages that I have been directed to.

Whack A Penguin

Seal Bounce

Poke the Penguin

Make your own South Park Character

The Moon Song

Charlie the Unicorn