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Welcome to my Wii Video section. The Nintendo Wii was released in the UK on the 8th December 2006. Selling with WiiSports bundled, and a multitude of games at launch. The Nintendo Wii uses a whole new controller to play games. Gone are the days of sitting on the couch pressing buttons, you can now use the unique controller, dubbed the Wiimote, to point, shake, twist and turn, to manipulate what happens on screen.
The purpose of this section is going to be for me to show off anything that I achieve, or find interesting whilst playing. For now just enojoy the videos on this page of Wii Sports and some Mii stuff.

91 pin strike trick from Wii Sports, Bowling.

This is the 91 pin strike done in WiiSports Bowling. To do this you need to throw the ball down the rail so that it hits a small red target at the end to the lane.

You can find the YouTube page by clicking here.

Mii Plaza video

Here is a simple video of my Mii Plaza, showing the Mii's interacting.

You can find the YouTube page by clicking here.

Mii Parade video

Mii Parade, the place that all the Mii's that are set to mingle hang out. Here is a video of the 273 that are currently in my Parade.

You can find the YouTube page by clicking here