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This is just a place for me to ramble on about anything that I want to share or get off my chest. The opinions included are entirely my own opinion.


Some of the content on this page, may not be suitable for everyone. Some of the content may not be suitable for those of a younger age as it may contain material of a mature nature, or language not suitable for children. If you read on, you do so at your own consent. I will not be held responsible for anything that you may do as a result of the opinions on this page.

My second tattoo
Posted 11/05/15 by BowserBasher

So, yes, I didn't go about adding new stuff. I'm getting some inspiration for stuff so may get some stuff added. For now, I wanted to show of my newest tattoo. Over the past 4 years I have become a Brony and am proud of it. After some thought, I decided that I wanted a second tattoo, so I started to think and came up with Defying Gravity. My favourite song from the musical Wicked. I knew that I wanted this and thought that it may have needed something to go with it. It works on its own, but I wanted to get more for what I would have paid.
So I started thinking and thought, what could go with it, then I got to thinking of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and my love for it and thought I could add a Rainbow Dash to it. I thought they both went well together and also meant something seperately. So I decided on a Rainbow Dash design that I felt went best with it and had it done.

The first image was taken a few hours after it was done and the second one taken just a few minutes ago after it has had time to settle in. I'm really happy with how it came out.

WOW! It's been over a year
Posted 19/05/14 by BowserBasher

So I hope there are still people that visit this site. I realise that I haven't updated not added anything in well over a year. I think this comes down to a few reasons. Possible the main reason is that I just lost interest. And this coincides with the other reason. Last year, my relationship of four years ended and I hit rock bottom. I had no passion for anything and it took me a long time to get back to any kind of normality. I'm happy to say that I am there now and am in a new relationship and we are both very, very happy. Bonnie, I love you.
So, what does this mean for the site? Well, hopefully, I will start to add a bit more again. I have hundreds of Animal Crossing: New Leaf photos that I would love to add. I've been doing a bit of designing lately, and many of this can be found on my Redbubble page. You'll see my Brony side certainly shows as a lot of the work is to do with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I have other ideas taht I would like to endulge in, and love to show off just about anything that I take a go at.
I have also updated to GoodleAdsense and Redbubble ads as they were either not showing or had old code.
So I hope that anyone that still visits will check in every now and again to see what new stuff I have added.

RedBubble ads
Posted 09/03/13 by BowserBasher

As many of you may know, I like to dabble around with Photoshop to create banners and images. I have plenty of things like this on the site. However, I never really have done anything with it. In the past, I had heard of sites that allow you to sell your own stuff like photos online, but at that time I was never really into photography and didn't really look into it.
Over the last week however, I have been looking into it again, since many now offer more than just photo printing and selling. After looking, I decided to join up to I already have a few pieces up for sale and have many more ideas waiting to be put into practice.
You can view my stuff at and hopefully you may find something that you like to buy. Alternatively, the banner ads that are on my site will have a few items with links for you to click and go straight to the product.

3DS 3D photo test
Posted 24/09/11 by BowserBasher

For a while now I have been using the Nintendo 3DS to take some 3D photos, after some time I am starting to get some nice shots, but thought it would be nice to be able to show them off without having to have the person next to me looking at my 3DS. So I tested some things to see if there was a way that the image would show on the 3DS built in web browser.
After a little and fairly simple process, I managed to get it to work. All that is needed is to show the .MPO file as a normal image on the site and that's it. If you view the image through any normal web browser on a computer it will just show the 2D version, yet if you use the 3DS to view the image, you can see it in 3D. Here is an example image

Now if you are on a computer, you should see a normal 2D image (tested on Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari). However, if you are on the 3DS, you will be able to see the 3D version. Here is what you have to do. Just hold the stylus on the image, and it will move up to the top screen and be shown in 3D (as long as you have your 3D slider up).
I plan to make a gallery using this technique. Enjoy.

Tilt-shift Photography.
Posted 18/06/11 by BowserBasher

I recently found this through an optical illusions website. This photography technique is used to make real life scenes and objects appear as if they are models. This can be done in two way, one is with very fancy and I expect pricey equipment. The other, use Photoshop! Using a tutorial I found, I followed this and managed to get the following result.

Tiltshift Photography example

This was taken sometime last year when I went to the seaside with family and went to an amusement park.

A word on the new design.
Posted 18/06/11 by BowserBasher

So, as I mentioned, I'm going to talk about the reason for the change of site design. It all started when I was looking around other sites and noticed that many sites are centered within the page no matter what. So I went about seeing how this was done and found that it was to be quite simple. However, when I tried to simply add it to the existing site, I was having issues where it just wouldn't work. I tried time and time again, but just couldn't get it the way I wanted it. I concluded that it must be the way the site was designed, the menu, header and main content areas where proving problematic.
So I decided the only thing to do was to redesign. This was good, as I had been looking at a new way to do the menu. After many years of adding more and more to the site, the menu had gotten the stage where it was much longer than most of the pages. What I wanted was to make the menu collapsible so that only the area you where looking at would show. I didn't want to resort to javascript but could find nothing that would allow me to do it the way I wanted to with my vertical menu. Luckily through may google searches, I ran across a tutorial for a horizontal menu using nothing but CSS. This was just what I was looking for, so I did some test runs and decided that it was what I was looking for.

There were a few other things I wanted changed drastically, one being the background, which was easy to do, the other the banner. I love the banner that I was using, but I wanted to use more too. Again I went searching for random image banner in google and somehow stumbled upon a forum in which some one had wanted to do something similar (a monthly alternating banner). One of the replies mentioned that you could do this exact thing using PHP. Great, I love it, I'll do this. It was very simple too. So I created a bunch of banners, (24 to be correct) that I would be able to alternate every month. Why 24? Well, if you have noticed, I have different banners for all Animal Crossing pages than all the other pages. I have been thinking of personalizing other pages too, for example the Nintendo pages, but that will come later.
Now that I had the basics, I had to transfer all my pages to fit this new design, luckily it was all straight forward. Pretty much all the pages went right into the new design with no trouble. In the process of doing this, I rearranged many folders to make things easier for me, and generally cleaner for storing things.

After the help of some ACC friends testing the site, I was ready to go live with the new design. I hope you enjoy the new site.

Sneak Peek at site redesign.
Posted 01/06/11 by BowserBasher

So, for a while now, I have been redesigning my site. This is the third version of BowserBasher's Lair, and uses all that I have learnt over time to make it the best that I can. I'll be giving more details when I unveil it, but for now, here is a sneak peek.

New Site design

Something I made when I was bored
Posted 31/10/10 by BowserBasher

I was sitting around the other day, trying to think of something to do, when I got inspired to make a simple wallpaper inspired by my recent love of the animated show, Code Lyoko.

Well that was short and sweet.

More Mario Bros Animation.
Posted 07/06/09 by BowserBasher

Been playing around some more in flash and have added Mario into the mix. I'm sure I am going to have lots of fun making animations like this. Here is the current product.

Soon it will look like the real thing.

I'm learning Flash.
Posted 31/05/09 by BowserBasher

For a long time I have always wanted to have a go at Flash. Well, I finally found some spare time to look into it. I read some tutorials, tried out the basics, and came when I was satisfied, I tried to do something basic. This is kind of based on the Flash animation that Nigel made below, but a little different. I am very pleased with my first Flash animation.

Mario Bros Animation.
Posted 19/10/08 by BowserBasher

As you may have seen, I made a hand drawn Super Mario Bros picture a while back. Well, a friend, Nigel, asked if he could turn it in to flash animation. So I said why not, and lent him the files to do what he could of it. And here is the finished work

Download Flash!

It may be basic, but it's better than I could do, so I like it. Thanks Nigel.

More Photoshop creations.
Posted 08/06/08 by BowserBasher

Inspired by my last few photoshop creations, I decided to go look for something that would help me in producing some nice space scenes. I found some nice brushes and a tutorial on creating a realistic looking planet. I really like how the planet turned out, and it works in any colour. Then, with the star field brushes that I found, I started messing around and came up with the following two pieces of work.

Planet image

Planet Image

As you can see, the star brushes really add a lot to the images, without them, they just seem empty.

More Photoshop fun and a cute pic.
Posted 22/05/08 by BowserBasher

I've been having some more time spent in photoshop learning blending layers together and just generally messing around creating stuff. Here is something that I came up with that I now use a a signature on any forum sites that I can.


On to something totally different, that i just want to share. Some time ago now, one of our pets had puppies, and I managed to get the cutest picture of one of them sleeping on my slippers.

Puppy sleeping on slippers

Everyone together...AHHHHHH.

Lastly today is a video from Mario Kart Wii. Time Trial Mode, SNES Mario Circuit. Whilst this is not a record breaker, it is the fastest amongst all members of my Friend Roster, and one that i am particularly happy about. This time is around 4 seconds off the world record the last time I checked.

Fun in Photoshop
Posted 01/03/08 by BowserBasher

A while ago I decided to look into Photoshop a bit more. I have been using it for some time, but never really used any of the tools to create something. So I searched for some tutorials to see if there was anything that was easy, and simple to try out. I found a few that I liked, that were really simple, and put them to good use by creating these pictures.

Simple scene photo

This is made up of 4 different layers. The grass is a brush, that when customized gives a nice random grassy feel to it. The clouds are one of Photoshop's built in renders. The space section is from an action that I found on the net. Finally the eclipse or planet effect was found on a tutorial site. You may have also noticed this in the new banner for the site.
The second picture is, again, using one of the built in renders of PhotoShop to make some realistic lightning effects. It is one of the simplest, but visually stunning looking effects that I found.

Lightning picture

Just 3 layers needed for this. The cloud render again, the grass brush, and the lighting which is another of PhotoShop's renders, just tweaked. I really like the realistic lighting that you get with something so simple.

On a totally unrelated note. There seems to be a new craze sweeping some sites. MyMiniCity, and I have been sucked in too. So, please help the population of Bowserland grow. If you would rather, you may support the Industry growth in Bowserland.

A little bit of fun.
Posted 13/09/07 by BowserBasher

Here is something that I was inspired to do from a thread on a Nintendo forum. (N-Europe, cheap plug). The thread is people recreating scenes from video games using just paint, or the Mac equivalent. I have made on of the most iconic moments from Super Mario Brothers on the NES.

Super Mario Bros. Freehand.

I really wanted to draw Mario and Bowser too, but every time I tried, they came out all wrong. Maybe I'll try again later. As for now i like this and I may do more. Enjoy

I've made the switch to Mac.
Posted 27/05/07 by BowserBasher

Oh my, it's been nearly two long months since any thing has been posted on One of the main reason is just time, I just can't find time to do it. However, I have a reason to post this one. I have made the switch from Windows over to mac OS X and a brand spangly new iMac. I have now had this for one week and already find it so much better to use.
It really hasn't taken me any time to make the switch, I have found things to be very simple, and intuitive. So, what's my favourite thing so far? Well, it's between the Apple remote that you get, or just the whole simplicity of everything. I've had time to mess around with almost all of the included software, from the Widgets to the iLife suite. Whilst these are all very easy to use, I have to say that I am not using iWeb to make this. I am still using Dreamweaver, I know it, and can work without trouble in it. I've no doubt that I will one day poke around in iWeb and create something cool looking.
So far I am impressed with the iMac and OS X. I think that I will be staying with Apple for some time to come, Microsoft will have to make some major changes for me to go back. I have had the opportunity to see vista in action, and can honestly say that I do not like it so much. It seems they have tried to do something, but instead of adding to a good OS in XP, they have taken away some of it's better functions. (Why did they change the way the Start menu appears like that).
I still have lots to discover here and love finding all the little things. colour

Well hopefully I will find some inspiration to add some more to the site soon, maybe get another DS Review up, or some Wii videos. As for now, So Long.....

Wii cable comparison
Posted 31/01/07 by BowserBasher

Well, new year and first entry on the year. So what is it. Well ever since the Wii was released I have seen many people comparing the different cables that you can use with your TV. The standard Composite that comes with the console, the Scart lead and the Component cable. Since all I ever saw were ones between composite and component, I decided to do a Scart/Component comparison to see if there was any difference between these two. I have used the official Scart and official Component cables to do these.

Comparison between Scart and Component cables

Now, the image on the left is from a Scart cable running in 60hz, the image on the right is from Component cables running in 480p.
As you can see there is a fair difference in quality. Even more so when playing.
Screen taken from Super Monkey Ball : Banana Blitz.

I plan do do more comparison shots, and hopefully put them in their own Wii section on the site.

A Word from BowserBasher
Posted 07/09/06 by BowserBasher

So where have I been? No where, I have just not had time to devote to my site as I would have liked. What with full time work and playing Animal Crossing Wild World and other DS games, I have just not had the time.

What have I been doing though? Well not much, as I said. I purchased the DSLite just after release and have not regretted it one bit, the difference from DS to DSLIte is incredible. I am going to be adding a DSLite Review to the DSReview section and will tell loads more there. But just so I have something to put here, the main difference of course is the size of the DSLite and brightness that the screen displays. For a sample, here is a side by side screen shot of my House in Animal Crossing. The left is on DS, the right is the DSLite.

DS vs DSLite

As you can see, there is a vast difference, it's even raining in the DSLite pic and it's still brighter and clearer. It's amazing how much better the DSLite is over the DS. *Hint*Is the the start of an ACWW gallery*hint*

The DSReview section is coming along very slowly, I have three games up. That reminds me, I had a scare a while ago. My sister had been borrowing a few of my DS games including Tetris. When it just vanished. Gone. Disappeared. I searched everywhere for it, we turned the lounge upside down looking but it had just gone. I just gave up hope of finding it, and thought that it meant getting a new copy. I didn't get it straight away though, partly due to other DS games out, but partly because....well I don't know, just a feeling. Well, about a week ago, after being missing for at least a month or more, it just popped up, out of nowhere, there it was, sitting waiting for me. My theory is that i had been playing it so much that it needed a holiday and went to the place where over tired DS games go, DSIsland. A place where they can regain their strength before the next marathon sessions they have to put up with. This is surely the only explanation, as we looked every where for it.


Sorry 'bout that, I was just thinking of the New Nintendo console, The Nintendo Wii. At first I probably had the same reaction as everyone else, that being "What where Nintendo thinking?" However after reading their explanation and hearing it, I love the name now. It may not be what people where thinking of, as many loved Revolution as the name, but it's not the name that matters, it's the games and the controller, dubbed the "Wii-mote", and after seeing E3, I can't wait to get one. If only Nintendo would give us the details of when we can get our grubby little mits on one. September 15th can't come quick enough. I'll be posting my reactions to the machine when I get it.

What else, well, work is not as bad as it used to be, things are a little better and it is more tolerable. The only thing that keeps me going is the people, especially a few, including one who always makes me smile. Leanne. but that's another story and not for here.
Well that's about all for this time. I am still here and enjoying the DS and life. BowserBasher's Lair is still alive and will continue to be for some time. Until next time (hopefully not as long as this update) So long....

Update on DS Reviews section
Posted 09/03/2006 by BowserBasher

I am slowly coming along with the new DS Reviews section. I have a layout and template to how the whole section is going to look. I am happy with the look, though I think I am going to get someone to give me a second opinion. Once I have done that, I will begin putting the first of my reviews up. First will be Super Mario 64 DS, it was my first DS game and only fitting that I begin my new section with this game. Others will then follow, hopefully once every week or fortnight, until I have all my DS games reviewed an up. Then I will just have to update the section when I get new games.
I hope someone gets something out of this new section, even if they just decide to give the game a try after reading one of my reviews. I'll have another update soon.

Additions to BowserBasher's Lair
Posted 29/01/2006 by BowserBasher

As you may have noticed over the last week I have added some Google tools to the site. I hope these are not going to seem too intrusive to the site, as I have done my best to blend them into the colour scheme. I never thought that I would consider using such tools on my site, but after some investigating into these tools, I decided that they may help out the site a little. I don't expect much from them, and I just hope that they are going to do their intended purpose.

In other news, nothing much has been happening here. I plod along the road of life, just waiting for the next thing to happen. I continue to work for the same company, but whilst it is still boring and repetitive, things don't seem as bad as there were. My DVD collection is still growing and I am beginning to run out of space to put them. Not that I care, I would rather have them laying around, than not have them.

Well that's all for this time. I will try to find more stuff to add to BowserBasher's Lair, but I am just not finding anything that is inspiring me to put up here. Un till next time.

Changes to AC Music page...and Google Ads.
Posted 19/01/2006 by BowserBasher

I have decided to give the AC Music page an overhaul. Since I no longer have music files on there, I decided that I would include a list of all the songs that you can request from K.K. Slider in both Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing : Wild World.
The individual hourly tunes, and K.K. Slider songs are available on a mirror site, but I will not be linking to them on the K.K. Slider page. Please visit for Animal Crossing songs and more.
I am also looking into Google ads. While I hate ads, I have thought that these may help out when it comes to my yearly hosting costs. Whilst I have no trouble paying for them, a little help is always welcome. I will be investigating them in the coming weeks and decide whether I will add them.

Mario Kart DS
Posted 28/11/2005 by BowserBasher

I thought that I would include this here just incase anyone meets me on the track. With the release of Mario Kart DS on the 25/11/2005, this marked the first Nintendo game to incorporate online game play. After only a few days with the game, I have been enjoying the online aspect quite a lot. Yes it may be limited, but I have had lots of fun playing other people. The only thing that I have a grudge against, is the damn people who disconnect just cause they are loosing. I came in last in many of my first online games, but I stuck in there till the end as it gives you something to learn from. Watching how other people race, really can help you.
Anyway, I go by the name bwsrbshr, had to shorten it due to the character limit, and my emblem is shown below. Maybe I will see you on the track sometime.

Mario Kart DS decal

More trouble with bandwidth
Posted 21/07/2005 by BowserBasher

Well, it is still happening. The same Animal Crossing file is being hit a lot more than anything else. This has led me to believe that someone must be constantly listening to it from my site, and not downloading it. With this in mind, I have decided to remove all the single hourly tune files, and leave only the zip file containing all 24 hourly tunes.
I know that one of the reasons people visit my site is for the hourly tunes, and I am pleased to give them to people. But I do not have unlimited funds and have to pay for my bandwidth. At this time I refuse to pay another lump sum on top of what I pay for only a few extra Gb of bandwidth. So I had to take measures. Unfortunately this was the only one that would guarantee that I stay within my limit.
i hope that this is going to be a suitable solution, but if I see no improvement, then all Animal Crossing music will be removed from this site. As I said before, I have other things that I wish to show people, and I do not like my site being interrupted like this. is back online
Posted 07/05/2005 by BowserBasher

Well after last months bandwidth issues, is back online. It seemed that someone was hot linking one of my Animal Crossing music files. This led to my bandwidth reaching it's limit within about a week. Bastards!!
I have taken action by implementing some simple hot linking prevention. At the same time I am also including all my images in this, this will mean that all images will only be accessible via my site. This will cause slight problems at this time for affiliate banners. I ask anyone who finds that their banner is not showing up, to save a copy of the banner to your own server, or web space.

If I find this happening again, I will take the AC music files off of this site. I have many other things on this site that I want to show off, and this cannot happen if people cannot access my site.

Why the lack of updates
Posted 11/03/2005 by BowserBasher

OK, so there has not been any updates for a while. The reason is that I have not had any inspiration or nothing to add. I have only been playing Animal Crossing about twice a week, I have been playing it for nearly two years now. I do have a few new photos, but I don't want to just put one new one up at a time. The Spring Sports Fair is coming soon, maybe I will have something new then.
As for the rest of the site, well there has been nothing to add. I hope to have something new soon.

Happy DS day to every one in the UK! Face Grin

Fed up of work!
Posted 17/02/2005 by BowserBasher

Maybe venting this will make me feel a little better. I am so fed up with working at my current employment. There are so many things that just piss me off. From the repetitiveness to the management that don't seem to give a damn how much hard work you do, they never show you respect. It's the same thing every day, you come in, sit down and do the same thing you did the day before, there is just no variation. The thing is, this is not the worst part. As I said before, you get no respect or acknowledgement from anyone, the only time they seem to care is when you do something wrong, then they are all over you. It could be that it is the first time, or not, they just get you for it. You may have worked there for over 7 years, hardly ever been off ill, yet you still get treated like a school kid. It sucks. Most the time they don't even let you have a little fun, it's all sit there and don't talk to anyone except the person you are serving. I could go on and on about everything that I don't like about the place, but it would get tiring, and would just get me mad even more. Especially if I start to talk about a certain one of the managers. So I will try to think of some of the good points about working there.

Well there is not much, but I can say that there are a few people who work there that I do get along with, and actually like, and one of the things that helps get me through the day. So I thank those for the fun and laughs that we can get in. And the ones that have since left, that I got on well with too. I do miss some of them. I have to mention a few names. Marlene, Roz, Jan, and Natalie, these four in particular are the few that I can say are some of the nicer ones there.

I must really try to get out of that place, while these few good points will be missed, the bad vastly outweighs the good.
Well there, I wonder if that will make me feel any better. To end things on a little lighter note though, I heard this joke whilst watching the 2004 Snooker Trick Shot Tournament. The general gist was something like this:

When asked on a quiz show, What is a Shitzu? The reply was, A zoo with no animals. Face Laugh

A really funny Joke!
Posted 13/02/2005 by BowserBasher

Time for something funny. I remember hearing this joke first on Animal Crossing Community, and while I thought it was told by Paislee, she denies that it was her. Though she was kind enough to find the joke for me so that I could re-post it here.
This is a variation on the one that I heard, instead of the gorilla being white and in a zoo, I heard one where it was a blue gorilla in a jungle. The Journey is slightly different too. Other then that, it is the same joke. Enjoy.

Update - 14/02/2005 I have had conformation that the joke was originally posted by Oblio on ACC.

"A man reads in the paper of a white gorilla in a zoo far away. He decides that he just has to see it. The journey will be a long and arduous one but he simply cannot resist. He sets out on his trip and travels by car to the docks, and catches a boat across a huge ocean. After weeks of sea travel he arrives at the other side and takes a train to the zoo.

When he sees the white gorilla he can't believe his eyes, it's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. He simply must get a closer look, so he goes to the zoo manager and begs to be allowed into the gorilla's cage.

After much arguing the man finally persuades the manager to let him in to the gorilla's cage, but before he does he tells the man that whatever he does he must not under any circumstances touch the white gorilla. The man agrees and is led to the cage.

He tip-toes into the cage and is amazed, the gorilla is even more beautiful close up than it was from a distance. The white gorilla just sits quietly and looks at the man. After a while the man gets use to being so close to the gorilla and it seems so peaceful and calm that he starts to think that there can't be any harm in touching the gorilla. He slowly moves closer and closer to it, all the time the white gorilla just looks calmly at him. He reaches out his arm and gently touches the gorilla.

Just as his arm makes contact the gorilla jumps up and starts roaring. The man turns and runs to the exit, getting there just before the gorilla. He leaps through the door and the keepers slam the door just in time.

The gorilla, pulls at the door and to the man's horror the bars start to bend. The man runs out of the zoo and to the train station and jumps on the train, which as luck would have it is just leaving. He glances back and can see the gorilla chasing after the train, but not gaining on it. The train arrives at the docks and the man quickly scampers aboard the boat.

The boat leaves and the man thinks he's safe at last. He relaxes and starts to enjoy the leisurely cruise back across the ocean. The day they're due back in port he's walking on deck when he sees a small shape in the water trailing behind the boat. He can't make it out so he borrows a pair of binoculars from someone. He focuses the binoculars on the small shape and is horrified to discover that it's the white gorilla, swimming behind the boat. It must have been there all along.

The boat then arrives in port and the man hurries through customs and rushes to his car. He drives off just in time to see the gorilla climbing out of the ocean from his rear view mirror. He drives as fast as he can to his house and runs in locking the door behind him. All the time being followed be the huge white gorilla. The gorilla starts pounding on the door and having seen what it did to the cage at the zoo the man knows it won't take it very long to get in. He runs from room to room trying to think of a place he can hide. He hears the door shatter and dives into a wardrobe and pulls the door closed behind him. Outside the gorilla is going mad trying to find the man, he's ripping things up and tearing out doors. Finally he comes to the wardrobe the man is hiding in and rips the door off. The gorilla sees the man and smiles, reaches out a massive hand and gently touches the man and says...

(Highlight below to read)
"Tag, you're it".

Face LaughFace Laugh Face Laugh
Face LaughFace Laugh Face Laugh

My NES and Virtual Boy Finds
Posted 12/02/2005 by bowserBasher

I can't believe I am only just writing this up here. Well here it is.
So it was the 29/01/2005, I was in town, and I walked past the local GameStation, (a computer games shop) and noticed in the window a boxed NES system. Now if you have read the page about me, you will know that I am quite a Nintendo fan. Since I had been looking for a decent quality boxed NES system for some time, to add to all my other Nintendo consoles, I went in and asked a few questions as to the quality, and playability of the console. Luckily it was in very good condition and had all the leads required, it even had the original polystyrene padding too. This particular set had originally included Super Mario Bros. 3. Unfortunately they did not have the game to go with it. It didn't really bother me though, the boxed NES was enough. Since there was no Mario game included, they were kind enough to knock £10 off the asking price. So I only ended up paying £40 for it. A bargain I thought. I was leaving a happy person. Face Grin

But wait, that is not all. Just as I was leaving I noticed something that was even more exciting. A boxed Nintendo Virtual Boy. This I couldn't pass on. I was going to buy this no matter what the price was. You see, here in the UK, the Virtual Boy never saw the light of day, and as such are extremely rare to find. What was great about this one was that it was boxed, had the original cardboard padding, various leads, including a mains adapter, and the stand. There where also two games thrown in. Mario Tennis, and a Baseball game. So again I asked about the price, £130. Well for a boxed, virtually complete Virtual Boy I thought this was a fair price. I didn't have to think, I bought it there and then.

I had no intention of even going in there, it was just lucky that I was going past there that I noticed the boxed NES. I walked out after spending £170 on old Nintendo machines. Some may call me crazy, but I am a Nintendo fan, and this has made my collection pretty much complete. I have every variation of GameBoy that has been released, from the original to the Advanced SP, and everything in between. All the major consoles, NES, SNES (Mario All-Star pack), N64 (Original and Pikachu Edition), GC (Purple), and I have also just recently purchased a Nintendo DS.
If only I had somewhere to display them all. Face Silly

The New Layout
Posted 04/02/2005 by BowserBasher

Today I revealed the new layout of my site to the world. I am very pleased with the new design. While I liked the other version, I was never overly pleased with it. The navigation was one of the areas that I just didn't like.
So with the help of a few people, I set out to go about redesigning the site, and you are looking at the final design. Another area that I wanted to change was the way that my pictures were displayed, especially the Animal Crossing pictures. Having every picture on their own page made it nice, as I could do what I wanted on that page, but it was such a hassle if I had to change something. So with the help of Ellie (partyp00per) I have been able to implement the 'viewer' that I am now using. Simply using PHP and the 'echo' statement to link to one page and call the image that I need to it. It has saved me a lot of trouble and time.

The other major improvement is the side navigation menu. I always wanted this, but did not know how to go about it at the time. I learned the CSS technique and went ahead and implemented it. What I didn't realize was that as I was using PHP, I could put the menu in a file on it's own and call it whenever I wanted. Again, it was Ellie that informed me, and it is saving me a lot of time. I owe a lot to Ellie and her generosity. Thank you. face smile

Today is also the day that I was officially Modded at Animal Crossing Community. I have been a member of the site for nearly two years. I was offered a Scout position over a year ago now, and since taking on the position I have made even more friends on the site than I could have guessed. Being offered a position of Mod, is a great honor, and I will be doing my best to justify the decision of the staff. I must take a second to thank all the staff and members of ACC. Thank you all. face grin