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The Pilotwings Resort Gallery is where you will find all my images taken from within Pilotwings Resort on the 3DS. All images are 2D versions of the photos that you view in 3D on the console. Click on any image for a larger version.

WuHu island

Red Gate Bridge

Wedge Island

Mt. Tenganamanga

WuHu Island Town

The 19th Hole Hotel

Spacious Desert Island

Palmtree Avenue

High above the town

It's MechaHawk!

Small island golf area

WuHu Town at night

Fireworks over WuHu Island

The Ancient Ruins

Windmill Park

Sugarsand Beach

Sea Cave

Mt Tenganamanga in the moonlight

Yacht Habour

Red Gate Bridge by moonlight

The Colosseum

Fireworks Launch Zone 2

Sea Cave Entrance

Basketball Court

Wedge Island by sunset

Beach on Wedge Island

Wedge Island Marina

Triton's Ring

Ancient Ruins

Down the canyon

Through the tunnel

Low flying sunset

Lovely getaway

Flying up Mt. Tenganamanga

Landing Strip No. 1

Parked Boats

Parked Cars

The Shrieking Falls

Ancient Dolmen

The Moon

Ancient Ruins

Camel Rock

More boats

Lakeside Castle

Streets of WuHu Island Town

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