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In July of 2004 I began the task of mapping TheShire onto one giant picture. It took me a few days to get all the picture that were required to make this happen. As you can see in some of the pictures, the date and time varies from acre to acre.
On this page you will find pictures of individual acres and full acre pictures. I believe that this is the first of it's kind, I have never seen a full Animal Crossing village shown like this before. I took pictures of individual acres, then using a graphics program, I joined them all together to form one picture of that acre. After each acre was completed, I then joined each acre together, to get a picture of that row. The final process then involved joining up all the acre rows, to form one complete picture of TheShire.
Below you will find pictures of each acre, and a full row picture for each row.

I would like to thank RoseMS21 of Animal Crossing Community for her generous help on a few of the acres.

A Acres

Acre A-1
Acre A-2
Acre A-3
Acre A-4
Acre A-4

Now for the first time ever, a full Animal Crossing Row.

A Acres

B acres

Acre B-1
Acre B-2
Acre B-3
Acre B-4
Acre A-5

The complete B Acres

B Acres

C Acres

Acre C-1
Acre C-2
Acre C-3
Acre C-4
Acre C-5

The complete C Acres

C Acres

The D Acres

Acre D-1
Acre D-2
Acre D-3
Acre D-4
Acre D-5

The complete D Acres

D Acres

The E Acres

Acre E-1
Acre E-2
Acre E-3
Acre E-4
Acre E-5

The complete E Acres

E Acres

The F Acres

Acre F-1
Acre F-2
Acre F-3
Acre F-4
Acre F-5

The complete F Acres

F Acres

And now, for the first time, a full Animal Crossing Village in one picture.

Section of full pic of TheShire

Click on the picture above for the full version.