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The Nintendogs + Cats Gallery is where you will find all my images taken from within Nintendogs + Cats on the 3DS. All images are 2D versions of the photos that you view in 3D on the console. Click on any image for a larger version.


Playing with a ball

Rolling over

He's so cute

Belly rubs

Having a drink

Sitting in his bed

Licking time

Chasing a balloon

Laying in his bed

Jump and pop the balloon

Playing frisbee in the park

Chasing his tail

First competition win

Looking cool in bed

At the cafe

Playing with the birds

My two dogs

Playing in the cafe

Playing with a ball

Samus AR Card

Mario AR Card

Kirby AR Card

Link AR Card

Pikmin AR Card

Curled up in bed

Marley found a present

Staring at the fish

Playing with a shoe


In bed

Running around

Playing with a helicopter

Playing in the cafe

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