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Welcome to the Oz gallery. This is where you will find all the photos of Oz, and it's residents. Many goings on, photos of visitors to Oz having a fun time, and much, much more. Click any photo for a larger view.
All pictures are taken via the ingame camera, saved to SD card, and copied to my Mac, no editing required. I have only resized them to fit BowserBasher's Lair.

I found a Key

I caught a Bee

I like my balloon

A game of hide and seek

A beautiful evening

My new house

Another round of Net Wars!

The Crazy Net Lady

Net Wars Again!

Sitting with friends

Watching K.K. Slider

He's going to sing

Enjoying KK Slider

Overhead vew of The Roost

We saw K.K. Slider

We Love K.K. Slider

K.K. Slider

Snow Globe from Tortimer

A visit from Tangy

Team ZwaTomBas

Fighting crime on ACC

Attacking the Mayor

Snooping is fun

Wow! Look at that

Two prized catches

I hate queuing

Sky watching with Ed

T-Rex in museum

I get a cool nickname

It's Jingle

Queuing to see Jingle

My first Gold tool

My Jingle house

Eww, a Dung Beetle

So gutted

Lost in the City


Sharing a cuppa

It's so Beautiful

Countdown to New Year

Party popping fun


More Party Popping fun

New Year wishes from Tortimer

Meeting with friends

Oz Villager: Whitney

Doing some gardening

Look! A golden Slingshot

I got the Golden Slingshot

I won! I won!

Wisp, the Friendly Ghost

Wisp in my house

Oz's new bridge

Waiting for Nook to open

Frillard replaces Dr. Shrunk

My latest house

Three friends watching KK slider

Why are you not watching?

Down in front!

The Fan boys

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