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South Park Studio Characters

The South Park Studio Character maker ( is the place to create your very own South Park characters. I have used this in the past to create the picture of myself on the About BowserBasher page, and was used to create a Staff Photo for a website forum that I am a member of.

This page is a showcase of the many characters that I have made using it. Only a small majority (one or two) of these have had any editing, as I try to make the characters in the SP maker entirely, though a few I have felt that slight editing was needed. All images are listed alphabetically.

The Simpsons: Ned Flanders

A skier

South Park: Bebe

South Park: Butters

South Park: Chef

South Park: Ike

South Park: Jesus

South Park: Kenny

South Park: Kyle

South Park: Mysterion

South Park: Pip

South Park: Professor Chaos

South Park: Stan

South Park: Token

South Park: Tweek

South Park: Wendy



The Stig

The Terminator

The Undertaker

The Ultimate Warrior


Watching Fireworks

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