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Day 10
September 21st
Wet 'n' Wild

Surf Lagoon
Surf Lagoon

It was a little overcast, a fair bit of cloud hanging around today. But I decided to go to Wet 'n' Wild. I got there at 9:45am but the park didn't open till 10:00am, so after a little wait, I made my way into the park.
I found a nice spot in front of Surf Lagoon, the main area and had a sit for a while before going for a walk round the park.

The Flyer, Mach 5 and the Blast
The Flyer, Mach 5 and The Blast

I went off and rode a few flumes, The Blast, Mack 5, and The Flyer. These were fun and I would come back to these many more times during the day. I came back to Surf Lagoon and spent some time in here.
A stroll around the other side of the park, and I find, The Lazy River, and Bubba Tubs. The Lazy River is one of those circuits that you can just float around, in a rubber tube. I came back to this many times. After a bite to eat, I went on The Surge, another good flume, rode a few of the others again, and spent some more time in Surf Lagoon.

Surf Lagoon is a 17,000 square foot pool with a wave machine capable of 4 foot waves. There were about four settings each lasting 8 minutes, with an 8 minute break in between.

I decided to start to get ready to leave around 4:00pm and by 4:30pm I was ready to leave. This was another fun day, and also rather relaxing at times.
The weather turned out nice too.

Bubba Tubs
Bubba Tubs

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